Updated Nov 4

They say once you go to Africa you will always want to go back.  They did not lie. We are returning for another extended stay. We plan to visit South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. The plan had been to divide our time equally between the three countries.  However, once we saw, as the Botswana government states, "we are a low impact, high cost country", that they are not kidding the plan has changed a little.  Who are these people that pay $2340 per person per night to live in a tent?  Budget places are $200 per person per night. and are very limited.  Now, consider to hire a guide cost you $30 a day, where does all that money go? Everything in these countries is very remote so transportation costs are high and water is limited but that still leaves a lot of money floating around somewhere.

So, our time in Botswana will be limited.  A elephant looks like a elephant, whether you see him in Botswana or Namibia.  I am going to meet the people and Vicki is going to meet the animals. We will see how it all works out.

There will be several pages as usual and they will be across the top.  Just click on them to follow along.  I am hoping for great photos and some good stories.

We have chosen to forsake the free rides this time and buy real airplane tickets. Also, we will limit our exposure to U.S. based airlines and have chosen Air France as our carrier of chose and after all my life time of riding in the trunk we have upgraded to "Premium Economy". Unlike U.S. airlines where "Premium Economy" means you riding in the trunk but charge you more for your choice of seat, Air France gives you bigger seats, more room and real food.  I hope it is as great in real life as I have made it up in my mind.

Also from Paris to Johannesburg we get to ride on the largest airplane in the world, the Airbus 380. I will let you know how it is clearing customs and immigration with 500 of my closest seat mate.

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